South Beach Body Scrub - Coconut Lime 10 ounce

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Slather your body with this luxurious scrub before showering to slough off dead skin cells. Rinse and refresh your skin with the aromatherapy benefits of Florida Key Lime. Smells delicious and nurtures your skin leaving it healthy, soft and glowing.

All-natural; blended body scrub made with ocean salt and organic blend sugars to provide the perfect balance of gentle exfoliation and glow; no mineral oils, paraben-free, plant-based 

Aromatherapy; infused with therapeutic grade Florida Key lime real essential oil, bright citrus blooms and decadent coconut

Vegan; ocean salt scrub for skin supplies natural earth minerals for gentle effective exfoliation of dead skin cells free from lanolin, free from beeswax

Fresh-made; rich, thick and non-greasy with a self-balancing formula that needs no preservatives